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  • Europe’s leading trustmark
  • Real money-back guarantee

Trusted Shops
The European trust brand in e-commerce

For online shoppers

Online shopping has never been so easy and safe! With Trusted Shops and its widely-recognised trustmark, its money-back guarantee of up to 2.500€ per purchase, and authentic customer reviews.

Information for online shoppers

For online retailers

Learn more about the Trusted Shops trust tools for online shops and see how the trustmark, customer reviews, and the money-back guarantee can help you boost your conversion rate and your sales.

Information for online retailers

Some of our
20,000+ partner shops

The sign of trust for
certified shops

Online shops are checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria before they are awarded the trustmark that they can then display on their website. Our quality criteria involve strict requirements as to the service quality as well as legal requirements.

The security resulting from the trustmark, authentic customer reviews, and the money-back guarantee offered by the European leading trust brand is indeed very much appreciated by customers across the globe.


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Buyer protection for
carefree shopping

Online shopping is fast, convenient, and anonymous. This anonymity also entails a lack of security: who am I actually buying from? What do I get in exchange for my money?

That’s where we come into play: to make trust and security tangible for online shoppers like you. We offer the money-back guarantee covering orders of up to 2,500 EUR from all online shops bearing our trustmark.

Authentic reviews by
real customers

Have the indicated delivery times been fulfilled? How does the customer service deal with problems? Does the product correspond to the description?

You can find reliable answers to all these questions in the reviews posted by other customers like you. But shop and product reviews are only helpful if they are really authentic. That’s what the Trusted Shops review system is there for: for you to be able to rely on authentic reviews by real customers.

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Defective deliveries or unreceived, returned goods: when shopping online, it might happen that something goes wrong.

But you don’t need to worry:
the Trusted Shops service deals with it for you.