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5 months ago
Brought some life to our boring garden! This climbing frame swing/slide set turned out to be exactly what I hoped it would be, the martial feel sturdy and reliable - no back of the mind thoughts that it might come crashing down on a child!! Both my 4 and 11 year old use it and there's actually a reasonable amount of space for an adult up there too (slightly annoyingly because I can't use the excuse that I might break it to not climb up!!). The rock climbing holds are legitimate grips, very sturdy and not going anywhere. I assembled it myself with a bit of help from the other half when 2 sets of hands were needed but the majority I could do on my own. The instructions can be a little bit tricky if you want it in a different layout but it's all there to guide you through, just needs a bit of patience. It's all anchored in very nicely and despite some intense high velocity swinging from my eldest, it shows zero signs of going anywhere! I've got a bit more work to do on it in.the summer to really finish it off but I'm glad I committed, this coupled with a trampoline means I know have the go to garden for the kids and there friends... Good or bad thing.. I'm not sure!! But they love it.
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2 months ago
Lots of missing pieces Many you have to cut and improvise Had to pay someone to assemble it and it took almost 2 days They show you the design on the website with logos, again you have to make this yourself with no templates and ends up looking different to what you thought it may look like. They send you a massive plastic sheet, where you have to measure up and cut the curtains etc yourself. No template nothing, and no room to get it wrong. Delivery man dumped a massive pallet in my driveway/kerb and ran away. Took me ages to unpack on the side of the road and take everything into the garden. Wife came home and couldn’t even park in the drive. Generally it’s okay, however for the money we paid I expected more. You need some experience in carpentry and design before buying. If you are a novice like me, don’t do it!!!
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