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May 12, 2022
The ordering process was really simple; the options to customise were great. We have a very sloping garden so needed to change the configuration and the telephone help line was answered quickly and the person very knowledgable. We wanted a longer slide then advertised but due to brexit we had to source this locally which was fine and again the personel on the help line were very informative. Green slide for the 1.2m platform came with the set. We purchased the pink slide for the 1.5m platform off amazon. Quality of the materials were great. We found some bits needed alot of sanding but our child likes to play barefoot so this was a personal choice. Mostly for the wobble bridge and base platforms. Instructions were great; only bits that didn't work perfectly were some joints where we had changed the configuration so nothing we hadn't expected and the canvas instructions. These aren't clear and for us they seemed to be missing measurements so we did our own thing (daughter didn't want swords anyway!) Definately make a paper patten first. Daughter loves it; it is an investment but worth it for the hours of fun she and her friends have already had. It has had 4 children all over it and hasn't moved; only way it is coming out in years to come is an angle grinder!
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May 12, 2022
Lots of missing pieces Many you have to cut and improvise Had to pay someone to assemble it and it took almost 2 days They show you the design on the website with logos, again you have to make this yourself with no templates and ends up looking different to what you thought it may look like. They send you a massive plastic sheet, where you have to measure up and cut the curtains etc yourself. No template nothing, and no room to get it wrong. Delivery man dumped a massive pallet in my driveway/kerb and ran away. Took me ages to unpack on the side of the road and take everything into the garden. Wife came home and couldn’t even park in the drive. Generally it’s okay, however for the money we paid I expected more. You need some experience in carpentry and design before buying. If you are a novice like me, don’t do it!!!
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