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MCS Formulas - High Strength and Purity Supplements

MCS Formulas exists to transform the life of people in need, into a better and a longer one. Traditional medicine has provided solutions to heath challenges for thousands of years, demonstrating continuously the immense power of nature. Indeed, during the past decades, scientists in academic space have started to uncover the mysteries behind the contribution of traditional medicinal herbs to life. However, in contrast to all this value delivered by nature, applied for thousands of years and now supported by a large amount and ever growing scientific research, our society tends to progressively shift away from these types of potential solutions. As a result, there is a growing gap between traditional & academic discoveries on one hand, and the solutions available for people in need on the other hand. MCS Formulas’s purpose of existence is to positively contribute to life by helping bridge the gap between the two. The company creates value for customers and the society in two ways: Delivering some of the best product combination of purity, strength and fair price to the customers (as well as compiled packages) and, donating 50% of the profits to projects to accelerate the transfer of value from traditional medicine and/or academic space to clinical space, to enable new treatments for cancer patients. As a customer, MCS Formulas would appreciate any suggestion regarding what you think are the most relevant projects worth considering to support with the “We Donate” program.
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