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Top positive review customer
Nov 14, 2022
 Verified review
Your service is fantastic, & the item works perfectly. However, the same cannot be said for your shipper - UPS. I left the following review on Trustpilot about them... ........... BAD EXPERIENCE WITH UPS, AS USUAL As usual, UPS are terrible when it comes to service & competence. Delivery required a signature, parcel was left at front door before i could open it. Driver was back in van and actually drove away as I was talking to him. RUDE. Checked online to find it was accepted by "Mike" - funny, he didn't get a name or signature FROM ANYONE. AVOID THIS BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT MORONS LIKE THE PLAGUE. From <>

Top negative review customer
Jan 18, 2023
 Verified review
You should charge for any duty to be paid at the point of purchase not surprise customers with a bill at the door. Even after paying the duty via phone the delivery person was still asking for the funds and demanded proof I'd paid, The payment via phone wasn't great either, they provide a telephone number to call and then transfer you to what appears an overseas contact. DPS just as bad obviously.

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6 days ago
 Verified review
Your service was swift and efficient, however, when setting up our account I needed help at one point, so I called your office and a lady answered in German, I politely asked if she spoke English, to which she answered "NO" and promptly put the phone down, I then asked my German colleague to speak to her for me, by then I think she recognised the number and did not answer, luckily I managed to sort out the problem and shop as normal.
W G.
Sep 14, 2023
 Verified review customer
7 days ago
 Verified review
We received the power supply bended from the back. customer
Aug 11, 2023
 Verified review
Quick delivery. customer
Aug 7, 2023
 Verified review

Most arrogant feedback

I ordered 2 different items (4 pieces each) and got an order confirmation for both. I got only 1 item (4 pieces) delivered. I sent an email explaining why one item without the other one is of no use for me and asked for help. The answer from customer service: "Pos 10 will never come". What do you think: more than 1 star? customer
Aug 8, 2023
 Verified review
You send the parcel w/o my sharp delivery address and phone! UPS late with one week because of this but the goods was emergency one peaces! customer
Jul 17, 2023
 Verified review
Pathetic delivery service. Expensive produc9. customer
Jul 29, 2023
 Verified review


We had ordered and paid for 03 (Three) Pieces of Apple 5W USB Power Adapter Charger BUST WE HAVE RECEIVED ONLY 02 (Two) Units thru' UPS Express Pvt Ltd. Kindly arrange to refund for 01 (One) Unit. customer
Jul 4, 2023
 Verified review
We did not got the shipment. Where is it? customer
Jul 13, 2023
 Verified review
I've requested to cancelled the order same but still processed and dispatched. customer
Jun 6, 2023
 Verified review
Quantity received is short of 10pcs out of 24pcs we order. customer
Nov 26, 2022
 Verified review

Poor customer service response to problems

My goods got stuck in customs due to incomplete information. After the shippers failed to get the info from Conrad, they contacted me directly. Led to a extra week's shipping time. The goods were partially damaged. I contacted Conrad three days ago to ask about having the damaged part replaced, but have still not heard. customer
Feb 6, 2023
 Verified review

parcel open at delivery

The good was conform to the description. But UPS delivery wasn't very good : the parcel was open (because of the delivery boy curiosity, I think). It is not professional customer
Nov 19, 2022
 Verified review

Do not get delivery at door step

Do not get prior information about custom duty paid and did not get delivery at my door step. I have to go on road to take delivery customer
Apr 18, 2023
 Verified review
Ordered 4 ea items have received 1 ea item. Is it not possible to send all items in “one go” as the cost of having the customs documentation/form made + handling fee is about 20 Eiuros (note that this has nothing to do with the VAT to be paid (24%)) so there is no misunderstanding regarding that. So having, low cost items sent 1 by 1 costs alot extra. If all would be sent in “one go” this additional cost is just paid ones (20 Euros). I often purchase items from other websites and they often do not have all iterms on stock, when ordered, and I then know thatI will wait for the “last” item to arrive on stock before all the items will ship. And that is okay as I will save by this way of “handling” the order. I also expect that this would save also for Conrad on the cost of handling+shipping. Just wanted to point this out. Something to consiter. BR Axel customer
Nov 7, 2022
 Verified review
Hi, You should have possibility to choose express delivery
Answer by
Nov 8, 2022
Good day, thank you for your feedback! We will gladly forward your suggestion for improvement to our quality management team. Have a nice day, Your Conrad Customer Service Team customer
Dec 9, 2022
 Verified review
For the future please use national post service instead of UPS. I had to pay fees... Cheers
Answer by
Dec 22, 2022
Good day, thank you for your feedback! We will gladly forward your suggestion for improvement to our quality management team. Kind regards, Your Conrad Customer Service Team
Marko V.
Dec 8, 2022
 Verified review
Problem with delivery due to uncorrect label issued by your staff customer
Jan 12, 2023
 Verified review
conrad was OK, website clear, efficient start and communication
Answer by
Jan 22, 2023
Thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to give us feedback on how you think we can improve. customer
May 9, 2023
 Verified review