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7 months ago
unfortunately the goods arrived in a package that had either been damaged or opened so the largest plant had half of its soil missing (all over the packaging and leaves of the other plants) - roots exposed and wobbling in the pot. (The other two were fine). I sent a message asking what soil to use to refill the pot and it took two days to get a reply which is not great
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9 months ago
This was my 4th order. Trachycarpus palm which I received is in very bad condition. The tree has lots of damages on leaves and there is literally no rootball with only few poor roots. Tree was secured with piece of wood stowed under ground because without it palm would definitely fall out of pot. If I had choice - I would newer buy this product. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT
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11 months ago
This is the second Palm plant brought from mypalmshop which was not well rooted, phoenix robelennii was just a clay root ball in a pot
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