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Bren W.
Den Haag
Jun 13, 2023
 Verified review
The DT 900 Pro X headphones are sooo amazing! Years ago I had the DT 990's and they took me to a different dreamy space in my student days.. They eventually fell apart after years of abuse. Now 25 years later I've bought a pair of DT 900 Pro X's and the same thing has happened - I'm rediscovering music. The space sounds fill is huge, and the sound is insanely silky and smooth... almost sweet. The bass is somehow airy at the same time as being tight, deep and smooth! There's never any moment that music sounds harsh.. They also work with lower power devices like phones and controllers.. bringing out the best in even cheaper sources. Gaming! : Now believe it or not, it's also helping me to rediscover gaming.. they work briliantly with the Playstation 5 controller! More than enough power, and games now have a much bigger spacial effect and the gone is the boomy based and muffled sound. (note: I have a good quality Hyper X game headset for comparison). I will never go back to closed headphone again.. Of course a major cost is the fact that if anybody is sitting near by they'll hear what you're listening to. With gaming that's not such a problem because the sounds are more intermittent.. but with music that can definitely be a potential issue. However, having said that, they also sound amazing at low volumes.. so then just turn them down a bit if you might bother some one! not so bad. The extra air around your ears means you can listen more comfortably.. and when you talk you sound normal to yourself.. plus you can hear others talking if they're calling your name more easily. I never use them for travel / commuting... so I'm assuming that they're not ideal for that. But if you value quality of sound, big sound stage, silky mids, sweet highs, and mind blowing deep, detailed smooth base over sound isolation get them! Buy B-Stock ones direct from BeyerDynamic .. you'll pay 50 euros less or so and they're in new state. The ones I receive didn't even have the original seal broken. BeyerDynamic support is also very fast and their returns system is quick (even though I'm based in Netherlands and of course they're based in Germany). I returned the DT 700 pro X's after testing those. They seemed to marketed / reviewed as the closed back version of the 900's, but they're dramatically different to my ears! The qualities which make the 900's so great, are mostly missing in the 700's (air tight bass, awesome sound stage). The mids and highs are very similar but in a more compressed form. But if you value sound isolation than quality then I suppose they'll do the trick. I'm rambling now, so will sign off,.. just wanted to share the joy ;-) X

Top negative review customer
Oct 8, 2022
 Verified review
I placed an order without realising my address (on PayPal) hadn’t changed yet, as I have recently moved to another city. After contacting support, I was told that changing the address order was impossible. I then asked whether I could just simply cancel the order, which was also not possible, even though the order hadn’t been sent out yet. I was then also told to try to get DHL to change my delivery address, which – you guessed it – was also not possible. I get that it may be difficult to change an order that has already been processed or shipped to the courier service, but this all happened several days before I even got confirmation that DHL was going to ship my package. Now I’m stuck trying to get a hold of a package of which I have no idea who got it, in a place where I never come anymore. It’s just a massive waste of time and potentially money and could have simply been avoided by allowing me to cancel my initial order (that hadn’t even been shipped yet at that point).

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Feb 11, 2023
 Verified review
I was looking for a good gaming headset for my Xbox series X and I am very happy with the MMX 300 gen2. It is very comfortable and is very light so you can wear it for hours without irritation. The sound is excellent! Nicely detailed, full bass and very spacious, you hear exactly when other players approach you, which is essential in FPS games and because it is a closed headset, the sound around you is also muted. The microphone is also excellent, the sound is studio quality. In between gaming I also like to listen to music, house, techno, hip hop, pop, classical, rock etc. it doesn't matter what I listen to because all music sounds beautiful! If you only use the headset for console gaming, the sound cannot go beyond a certain volume, on PC you can connect an amplifier to increase the volume, but unfortunately that is not possible on console. Sincerely, Martin (Beyerdynamic fan from the Netherlands) customer
Apr 1, 2023
 Verified review

Great headphones for the price.

I have 900 Pro X for about a year and wanted to upgrade to 1990 Pro last Christmas. Unfortunately, I did not make it and went to another option for Planarmagnetic headphones. After 3 months , I finally went back to the idea which eas my dream for about 3 years to get 1990 Pro. I sold my Planarmagnetic headphones and got 1990 Pro. I'm happy to finally have it and hear their touch of their unbelievable, amazing sound and unreal build quality. I also found them more comfortable to sit on my head vs 900 PRO X, and yesterday I spent 7 hours sitting with 1990 on my head and had absolutely no issues with comfort and their weight. I don't know which model of headphones Beyerdynamic will make next. However, I'm 100% sure my next headphones will be from Beyerdynamic. Thank you so much, Beyerdynamic! customer
May 9, 2023
 Verified review

Fantastic product and an impeccably professional company.

For the price I paid, €95 (with free courier shipping!), the product I received (the MMX 100 headset) not only met but exceeded my expectations. Especially for what is a budget device, the sound quality of both the headset's speakers and its mic are simply excellent. I can only praise Beyerdynamic for the ingenuity of their engineering. They've done exactly the right thing to do in designing a budget product - cut costs on the less essential aspects, like the outside material and finish, while retaining a solid and reliable user experience and placing audio fidelity and ease of use as the top priorities. I'll certainly be looking to this company again - and buying from their own website, since their pricing and service was so good - the next time I'm looking for some audio hardware. customer
Jan 25, 2023
 Verified review

the first newcomer! far....

Finally I have been able to purchase my first Beyerdynamic headphones! Hope ti won't be the last :-) When my sweet wife said to me she needed a pair of headphones I had the ideal model in my mind from the outset: DT240 pro. Because I knew they have a the ear-cups pretty tiny and aren't cumbersome. "Ok, let's buy them!" I have said to me... I could have chosen an e-commerce, but I thought it should be more honorable and respectful to buy directly from the manufacturer, so I have waited 4 working day and the precious item has come, in all its refinement. I have wanted to try them and right from the start I have appreciated. There is the quality, dudes! I hope to buy a new pair of headphones and I am sure to pop in Beyerdynamic store!!! customer
Oct 8, 2022
 Verified review
El cable Beyerdynamic grado audiófilo de 3.0 m textil para Beyerdynamic Amiron Home no sólo es de una gran calidad, si no que también ha mejorado en todos los sentidos mis auriculares, tanto en sonido como en comodidad, estoy muy satisfecho con el trato de Beyerdynamic, no así cómo el trato de DHL, puesto que alegó que no estaba en el domicilio el día de la entrega y no fue así dado que estuve todo el día en casa esperándolo. Además que al día siguiente cuando llegué a recoger el paquete al servicepoint que seleccionó el repartidor, al momento de recogerlo la caja estaba muy malograda y húmeda. Menos mal que el paquete por dentro estaba muy bien sellado y protegido. Adjunto fotos del estado del paquete. customer
Nov 22, 2022
 Verified review

In my opinion an excellent choice for price-conscious HiFi home users

I am not a creator. I was just looking for an upgrade of my old Sony DR-S5 to enjoy my music privately and the review of the DT 900 Pro X on recommended it as an excellent choice for home use too. I can now confim this. On Pink Floyds The Final Cut I heard details I never noticed before and I really liked the sound and balance. I was a little bit worried about the low impedance (48 Ohm), but after listening my initial doubts evaporated. Would the Amiron home set (250 Ohm) really soudn that much better, I wonder? I chose a B-stock item to save some 40 EUR and do not regret it; I found it in in mint condition. I would have preferred a hard case, but that is just a minor detail. customer
Jan 6, 2023
 Verified review

Tygr 300 + Overall Review

Ordered Tygr 300 headset for good gaming sounds and also a beautiful sounding music headset, and in all of my years of buying headphones for gaming (including expensive ones) the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 is far out the best quality, fitting and sounding headphones that have ever touched my head specially for such price range. My opinion about the site and delivery time is just that it's simply superior and the delivery time (Ofcourse depends where you live) but was quite outstanding that I received the headphones within 2 days while living 1000+km away. I haven't had to test the customer service due to the amazing product and site so it's a genuine 10/10 from me. :) customer
May 10, 2023
 Verified review

Happy with my Studio Legend: the DT 990 PRO

I already owned a DT 770 PRO for use in my home studio but I also wanted an open headphone because of the natural sound reproduction. After a long search and reading many reviews, the choice again became a beyerdynamic model because of the unbeatable price/quality ratio. I ordered my DT 990 PRO directly from beyerdynamic and went for a b-stock version. After a few days, the headphones were neatly packaged and delivered. The testing immediately afterwards was a pleasure: a rock-solid construction, indistinguishable from new and a brand new storage bag included. The sound was what I expected based on the reviews: phenomenal!
Tristan L.
Oct 9, 2022
 Verified review

Proud owner of multiple beyerdynamic products

I started out with a beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro, and I already fell in absolute love with it. Later on, I needed earphones for easy on-the-go, so then I got the beyerdynamic Soul Byrd, absolutely great earphones for their price. Unfortunately, I've been using them so much, that the cable is almost giving up, yet they still function perfectly fine. I already thought that if beyerdynamic ever made true wireless audio, I'd be sold. And lo and behold, here they are with the Free Byrd, which I now own too! Soundwise, beyerdynamic products are always great, so I am a very satisfied customer. customer
Jan 8, 2023
 Verified review

At this price point the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro is a revelation.

This is the best headphone I have ever listened to. I was able to compare the DT1990 Pro to headphones costing several thousand Euro's and DT 1990 was the absolute winner with its most balanced performance. Already the owner of a T90 I prefer the DT1990 because of its less present but silk soft highs and its much better performance at very low frequencies. Be sure to use this headphone with a dedicated headphone amplifier (in my case a Woo Audio tube amp) to make use of its full potentional. customer
Jan 7, 2023
 Verified review

J'adore les produits Beyerdynamic, confortable, très bon, solide, durable !

J'adore les produits Beyerdynamic, leur son, la qualité de service, mais aussi le service après vente, les pièces disponibles pour faire durer leurs casques déjà très fiables. Je suis très content de mon Amiron Home, très confortable, son chaleureux, un casque plaisir ! Il s'ajoute à ma collection DT990, DT770, eux aussi excellents casques. Notez bien que les produits "stock B" permettent d'acquérir de très beaux produits comme neufs à prix beaucoup plus abordable, n'hésitez pas ! customer
Dec 8, 2022
 Verified review

Just got my DT 880 PRO yesterday. Man.... they are perfect :)

Just got my DT 880 PRO yesterday. Man.... they are perfect :) At first I thought they were too bright with the lack of bass, but after a number of tracks I realized that it depends on the track. The sound quality, the balance - perfect. And comfort... I just put them on and forget about them being on me. I'm very glad that I chose this model. So, if you are looking for an (semi-)open option for monitoring and listening to music for a good price... you know what I mean. customer
Dec 5, 2022
 Verified review

a great headphone for the price!

i orderd the DT-770 Pro 80 ohm headphone en it was wat i expected, a very nice upgrade from the SR850 (wat i bought temporarly) the DT-770 Pro sounds realy nice, balanced and very clear. the bass is perfectly balanced trou out in al genres of music, the mids are very clear en not blurred out to bass in al genres of music, en the highs ar notting to complayn about ether. al with al a very sollid headphone for the money customer
Dec 24, 2022
 Verified review

Highly recommended!

First of all, the delivery went perfect. It was fast and clear. The headphones I ordered are amazing, perfect for recording and musicproduction. I had high expectations because of all the good reviews. Beyerdynamic surprised me with the quality and service! customer
Jan 25, 2023
 Verified review

honest headphones

Delivery was fast. Headphone is easy drive, no needs many power. The headphones are comfortable, light, well built, good accesories, with quality stereophonic sound, low distorsion, the bass that reaches the sub-bass, which is flat bass, has clear mids and clean highs. A well built soundstage with good spacial information, very good microdetail and instrumental separation. A good impulse speed. customer
Apr 5, 2023
 Verified review

DT-770Pro 32ohms

The product is very good. Great value in the price range, is comfortable and not hot to wear for long periods (as some reviews suggested ). Can confirm that i too have heard aspects of sound in tracks that i had not previously heard with tracks that i had listened to many times in the past, the separation of instruments is great also. Without doubt the best headphones i have used to date. customer
Apr 17, 2023
 Verified review

Very pleased with these refurbished headphones

I am very pleased with the refurbished Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm headphones I bought. The sound is great and the headphones are comfortable and robust. The price was affordable and the shipping was fast. I also appreciated the clear and thorough communication from the seller. I would recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a high quality product at a reasonable cost. customer
Dec 10, 2022
 Verified review
Amazing product, I always trust Beyerdynamic when it comes to headphones. I have 2 studio headphones and a gaming headset and they all are great quality sounding and very comfortable to wear. Their website also is very good and adapted to mobile users. Delivery is fast and packaging is clean and secured. Applauses to Beyerdynamic ! Ho and the prices are very attractives too haha. customer
Feb 8, 2023
 Verified review

Awesome device making me rediscover and experience music with more immersion.

I’m basically rediscovering my songs. So much more clarity, depth and immersion. Its awesome to hear and experience the improvement. I now can listen far more longer, i do not feel like having an heavy head or the need to stop listening. Very good product. I tried at work in an open space, with music isolation is great and reduce the need for a noise cancelling headset. customer
Feb 18, 2023
 Verified review
J'adore Beyerdynamic depuis plus de 40 ans, j'ai commencé avec le DT 220 au début des années 80 puis Le DT 770 pro (5 casques 250 ohms) dont le collector argenté 2005 (20ème anniversaire) n° 217 / 250 exemplaires, je viens d'acheter le DT 770 pro 80 ohms et maintenant le DT 700 pro X. J'ai également le DT 150. Je suis un grand fan depuis très longtemps.