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1 month ago
The package arrived in time (no delays etc.) Package was nice and well wrapped however the wood was wet. Would have expected it as dried out. Otherwise the package contained all as it was described. Materials quality is fair. Anchors (that can be bought as "extra") could be longer on the bottom side(which goes underground). If there is a small slope in the terrain it might not touch the concrete deep enough if you keep the playground leveled. But all in all it is a quality item and you get what you see on the pictures! Satisfied!
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9 months ago
1) The order Pt2000187859 took 23 days to be delivered, but at no time was I warned that it would take this time. 2)One piece B-91 was cracked. 3) One piece BK-106 was cracked. 4)One piece PD-240 was missing; I had to buy a part locally to replace the missing One, whic cost me 18,36€. 5)I was unable to access the Contact Form that is advertised on your website, to make this claim. In convulsionou, my expectations with WICKEY were quite high, I didnt count on this lack of quality control regardind damaged and missing parts.
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4 months ago
You confirmed that the order was in Dublin, Ireland on 1st April but you could not communicate with the forwarder (except by email) and the order lay at the warehouse (outside in the rain) until the 25th April when it was "found" and brought to Limerick.
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Answer by Wickey
3 months ago
Dear customer, thank you for your feedback. We understand that the delivery of your order was very stressful and we apologise again, also on behalf of the freight forwarder. We did our best to manage the process but unfortunately this was not successful. We have therefore offered you an adequate compensation. We are sorry that this could not close the matter to your satisfaction. Your Wickey Team
 Verified review
1 year ago
Delivery was late and didn’t get any info about that. The wood had broken pieces and some screws were missing, still haven’t got any answer about the broken pieces of wood and missing screws. The kids loves the smart cave but could made it better if we bought boards at home because of the low standards of wickeys products. Sent in the contactformular several weeks ago without answer.
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Answer by Wickey
11 months ago
Dear customer, thank you for your review. We are sorry there was reason for complaint and that you did not receive a response at first. However, we are pleased that we could solve the issue to your satisfaction in the end. Your Wickey Team