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Ariki is the world’s most successful designer/manufacturer of Paua shell jewellery. It is also one of the largest New Zealand jewellery manufacturers. The company was established in 1932 when a Marlborough family saw the potential of the Paua shell to be the focal point of a unique New Zealand jewellery collection. Their ambition has resulted in the Ariki Paua Collection being widely sold in New Zealand and throughout the world. Ariki’s Paua is harvested from areas renowned for their water quality, both pollution free and rich in minerals. These minerals give the New Zealand Paua shell its intense depth of colour and thickness of shell. By using only the best quality Paua shells Ariki’s Paua shell jewellery is able to clearly distinguish itself from its imitators all around the world. Discover the unique colours of Ariki Paua Shell Jewellery. Stunningly beautiful and worn with pride around the world since 1932.
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New Zealand
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10 months ago
It was a long time coming and I was charged £12 import tax - £8 of which was a local handling charge. This made the object expensive and I won't order from you again.
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 Answer by Ariki New Zealand Jewellery
10 months ago
We are disappointed to hear about the problems you experienced with your order. Import tax is outside our control and occasionally a customer does have to pay customs duties. We are currently investigating different shipping methods to achieve a faster delivery, so hopefully in the near future we will improve the timeline of our orders. We do sincerely hope that you are happy with our product.