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Mar 18, 2022
Product was of decent quality and at an affordable price. Fast shipping especially with with DHL express. Not giving five stars, because their credit card verification system checks the card address against the Billing address of the order while the site UI has the "Use same address for billing" marked by default so you enter just 1 address for billing and shipping unles unmark the checkbox. For me this lead to a complcation and delay, as my shipping address was different from the Card address. The order verification failed, and their Customer Service required an ID verification. Customer service tried to help until noon on Friday, and then they disappeared until Monday and they fixed it like good Austrians. In summary, an Good vendor, I recommend especially if you're in the EU, and I will use them for accessories I can't find locally.
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May 12, 2022
I made pre-order in March and robot should be delivered in 11 of April. But I didn’t get it. Also I didn’t get any information about my order. Just when I ask about it they writte what manufactur have delay and they don’t know then product will be delivered. I was waitting 2 weeks, after it I writte again. And they promise to send products from 9 of May. But also - silent. After last my email they send information what company is in restrukturization proces. So I lost my 739 Eur and didn’t get my robot :(
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Nov 30, 2021
- refurbished demo model did not work, even though it was stated that it should ... - cancelation policy is ok but is nevertheless a hassle and refund postage is not covered
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