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Nov 24, 2022
My name is Karen and I work in office for years. Never had any problems until I entered my thirties. My issues become embarrassing because of my loud processing stomach and bowels, constant headaches and lack of energy. UNTIL I came around Allergy Test Australia website. First I was a bit suspicious, but I gathered all information from customer services (Live chat and emails). They are brilliant, very kind and provide clear information. So I decided to purchase their hair test. The process is very smooth, no pointless waiting for kit. You purchase, fill in the form and sample goes straight in post. Not long after, they notified me my sample arrived at lab in the UK. And I got my results within days. It is very easy to read and I saved it to my phone, so can access it from anywhere. I found out I am sensitive to certain alcohol and dairy, so I adjusted my diet and miracles started to happen! I feel so much better just after two weeks of this slight adjustment and my stomach is happier (and quieter :) ). I definitely recommend this to anyone. I will purchase again, this time blood kit and looking into other home test kits.
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Mar 20, 2023
None of my allergies came up in your test. Salmon makes my lips and eyelids swell. I also have a soy allergy that give me an upset stomach and hives. I can not drink coffee for the same reason. I cannot eat green peas. I would like to see maltodextrin, preservatives, antioxidants, flavour enhances, all the starches like corn starch etc on test. Some of the fruits and vegetables in the sulfite range like asparagus, apricots, cherries, corn. I was disappointed.
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