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6 months ago
easy at home test. they didn't send a return envelope for the blood allergy test as stated and i asked for it and they just sent another kit without return envelope. the results are okay, some things i'm like that's not accurate but some things ring true to how i'm feeling. although igg and ige tests are not 100% accurate, it also depends what you've eaten around that time too which can influence what the blood test says. anyway it's not bad. good way to find out some things about your allergies or sensitivities.
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7 months ago
I ordered a test in November 2021. Since then I have contacted Allergy AUstralia via their chat line and via email a dozen times. Each time I am promised my issue will be escalated and I will be contacted by a supervisor. I never have. I am also sent the same auto email to fill in my order details and reason for refund.... I have filled this in exactly as requested 7 times and have never received a refund. This is an amount of AU $250. The chat people have been useless. I am asked "what's your order number" and then am told to send an email to to which I never hear back. The lab is not in Australia and there is no call centre number. This is a total scam.
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 Verified review
3 months ago
Was looking for more solid answers than I received
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Answer by Allergy Test Australia
2 months ago
Thank you for your review! If you have any questions or queries related to your test results, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at who will be more than happy to help.
 Verified review
10 months ago 
It just didn't seem individualized to me. A general don't eat dairy or gluten wasn't what I was hoping to see. Maybe my expectations were too high.
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Answer by Allergy Test Australia
9 months ago
Thank you for the review. All tests are completed on an individual basis and advice on how to proceed after testing is included in the report. If you do have any questions related to your test results, please do contact our customer service team on