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Treurer Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Mallorca - Extra virgin Olive Oil from Mallorca

Treurer extra virgin olive oil is an oil from the Arbequina variety of olives, balanced, with moderate fruity, slightly spicy as well as bitter. We classify Treure’s oil as the “best supporting ingredient” of any dish since, due to its chemical and organoleptic features, it contributes to enhance the main products’ qualities which are used in your recipes. Due to the geographical, orographic and climatological characteristics of the island, as well as the olive trees age, Mallorca has a limited production, which favours the selection of varieties for the production of a high quality oil. The Miralles are a traditional family from Mallorca, an unbreakable and hard-working family, in which joys and sorrows and also common goals and dreams are shared, which makes them a united family living for the same purpose.
Ctra. Llucmajor - Km. 5.7
07210 Algaida - Mallorca
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