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Mjjewels (by Meena Jewellers)- Logo - reviews

Mjjewels (by Meena Jewellers) - Quality,purity & artistry. From Dubai to the World

There are a lot of reasons to choose MJjewels over other jewellery brands. Why? Because of our final price policy, our commitment to quality, the traceable origins of our diamonds, and our excellent customer service. ~No taxes, no customs, no extra charges~ All the prices you see on our website are final. With MJjewels you will never be charged extra fees on your products, everything is included in our extremely competitive prices ~No conflict diamonds~ All our diamonds come from ethical sources and are completely conflict-free. We track all diamonds we buy, from the earth to our jewellery, so that we can ensure the mining and distribution processes meet the highest ethical standards. We are committed to protecting and supporting people and we encourage you to always ask us for the sourcing of our diamonds, because each one of our diamonds has a traceable origin. ~Quality certified for your convenience~ Each one of our jewels comes with an Authenticity Certificate and an Appraisal Certificate in the case of precious gems, such as diamonds. Even though we may apply discounts and lower our selling prices, our certificates always reflect the real value of our jewels. So our clients pay less and get an actual and certified piece of jewellery that is worth much more. ~Jewelry experts at your fingertips~ Picking the perfect piece of jewellery for someone, even yourself, is not an easy task. That is the reason we offer you professional advice throughout the process.
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