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The Trusted Shops trustmark provides you and all online shoppers with recognizable sign of reliability. It stands out to enable online shoppers to know immediately where they can shop with peace of mind thanks to a service they can trust.

Online shops are checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria before they are awarded the trustmark that they can then display on their website. Our quality criteria involve legal requirements but also refer to the quality of the service.

Moreover, you can activate the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee in all shops bearing the trustmark.

By clicking on the trustmark, a card opens up showing you whether the trustmark is valid. If no card opens up, please contact us. We work tirelessly to identify those shops using our trustmark fraudulently to safeguard the reliable security the trustmark stands for.

Trusted Shops GmbH is responsible for the trustmark. The company was founded in 1999 in Cologne and now employs more than 320 people specialised in different sectors and with different skills, from UX designers to legal experts and graphic designers. They all have one objective in common: making online shopping more secure. Why? Because they are passionate online shoppers like you, too!

Money-back guarantee

The money-back guarantee gives substance to what our trustmark promises to do: make online shopping safe. Indeed, should problems arise, your money is safe thanks to the money-back guarantee that can be activated regardless of the payment method you have chosen.

The money-back guarantee is there to secure your orders in case of non-delivery, failure to provide the ordered service, or non-refund (in case of cancellation, return, or loss goods during transport). Please click here to read the full guarantee.

Thanks to the money-back guarantee, your purchases of up to 2.500€ are secured, free of charge, in case of non-delivery or non-refund. Upon placing an order at a Trusted Shops certified shop, you are offered the opportunity to activate the money-back guarantee free of charge.

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Customer reviews

To check the reviews posted through our system for authenticity, we bank on a strict monitoring procedure: firstly, only reviews linked to a specific transaction are admitted; secondly, each and every review is checked by means of a complex procedure involving the internally-developed Review Scanner. If anomalies are detected, our experts check suspicious reviews manually and take the necessary steps in case they they are proven to be fake.

If you’d like, we’ll send you a review reminder via e-mail after you have placed an order. Alternatively, you can post a review by logging in to your My Trusted Shops member area.

Reviews provide customers with guidance when shopping online. Thanks to the experience other customers have had with an online shop or a product, you get important information as to the quality of the service and the products the shop offers.

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