Pricing table

Basic fee for membership

The Trusted Shops Buyer Protection secures your customers against loss of purchase price in case of non-delivery loss and non-reimbursement. This risk must be covered by reinsurance. Therefore, the membership fee is dependent on your annual online revenue. The basic fee for membership contains the premium for the Trusted Shops Guarantee.

See the amount of your membership fee in the nearby table.

If your sales exceed EUR 5,000,000 we'll provide you an individual offer.

Trustmark and customer reviews

Necessary for each online shop.

Accordingly, this package is to order for each domain, language version and each version focused on a different target market (country).

One-off set-up fee

only 99,– EUR

starts per
month at

10,– EUR

  • up to
    10 EUR
  • up to
    40 EUR
  • up to
    60 EUR
  • up to
    80 EUR
  • up to
    100 EUR
  • up to
    120 EUR
  • up to
    140 EUR
  • up to
    190 EUR
  • up to
    240 EUR
  • up to
    300 EUR
  • up to
    360 EUR

per month 39,– EUR

Includes Handbook for online retailers, expert audit, certificate, guarantee and customer service.

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* Prices in advance excl. VAT. One-off application fee 99 EUR. Minimum contractual period: 12 months. All services will be performed in the language chosen for the respective target market.

Data privacy / imprint

20,716 shops carry
the European trustmark!

  • Trustmark – more trust, more sales

    More than 60% of online consumers rely on trustmarks. Make use of
    this confidence and improve your conversion rates.

  • Customer reviews – customers become advocates

    Successful recommendation marketing by showing independent
    reviews in your shop.

  • Buyer protection - fewer abandoned carts

    If your customers feel a lower risk of losing their money, the cart will
    roll easily through check out.

per month from 79,–EUR*

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More trust, more turnover

Increase trust

65% of online consumers in Europe say that a trustmark is important or very important when choosing a shop.

Infas survey, 2012, sample size 5,083

Increase conversion rate

Research shows that conversion rates increase by an average of 23.1% when shops display the Trusted Shops Trustmark.

ECC survey, 2012, sample size 749

Increase revenue

After using Trusted Shops our members experience an average increase in revenue of 7.5%.

Survey among members, 2011, sample size 302

Members and their Trusted Shops effect

Call us +49 221 77536 371

We offer all of this –
in one complete package

  • Trustmark

    The Trusted Shops Trustmark shows consumers that you fulfil our extensive list of quality criteria.

  • Certificate

    You will receive an online certificate, which proves the authenticity of the trustmark. We will let you know if you need any other certificates.

  • Handbook for online retailers

    The handbook contains practical resources for designing a purchasing process that is legally compliant. Includes updates.

  • Guarantee and customer service

    We offer a customer support service for guarantee cases involving buyer protection and an online system for guarantee management.

  • Customer reviews

    You will receive a review widget for your shop and we offer an extensive online system for managing the ratings.

  • Expert audit

    Your shop will be audited extensively to check if all quality criteria are being complied with and you will be issued with an individual report. You will also receive support throughout the entire term of the contract.

And even more options to add!

  • Review collector: Send review requests to your customers quickly and easily for more traffic and higher conversion!

    More conversion: Satisfied customers are the best advocates for your shop. More reviews strengthen the credibility and reliability of your overall rating, meaning visitors become buyers.

    More Traffic: Recent reviews are an important factor for search engine optimization. The more reviews you collect, the better your ranking in search engines will be, thereby attracting more visitors.

    Easy and fast: The review collector is web-based and ready to be used immediately without any implementation effort. Just upload your recipient list and press "submit".

  • Google integration: Use the ratings for Google Shopping and AdWords!

    Get more attention, higher click rates and thus more visitors to your shop thanks to stars in your AdWords.

    Stars and comments in Google Shopping bring quality traffic, directly into your shop.

    Higher click rates will lower your costs and boost your ranking for AdWords.

  • Traffic package

    Use the benefits of the Trusted Shops membership actively to get more traffic, more concluded sales transactions and more repeat customers.

    Extended shop profile with link to the campaign
    Optimise your search engine ranking and attract new visitors to your shop with a campaign deep link and a discount coupon on your shop profile. You thus get higher-quality traffic.

    More concluded sales transactions thanks to the exit-intent pop-up
    The exit-intent pop-up is a window opening up when visitors are about to leave your shop – the best time to offer them an attractive voucher. By keeping visitors in your shop, you avoid aborted transactions and increase your sales.

    Offers on the “thank-you-for-the-review” page
    A customer has just left a review. That’s the best moment to thank him with an offer for the next purchase, thereby encouraging him to buy again from your shop.

  • Warning protection package

    Protect yourself permanently against unwelcome warnings with legally compliant texts:  Imprint, privacy policy, cancellation policy and General Terms and Conditions of Business. Be on the safe side with advice from legal experts on the integration of the texts, acceptance of liability and update service.

    Create your individual legal texts quickly and easily with our online tool, the Trusted Shops legal-text-generator. WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE, our partner law firm, then checks the correct integration. And if you should happen to receive a warning: We’ll even help you at any time with unjustified warnings – with no ifs or buts!

  • Product reviews

    Boost your conversion by offering your customers unique product information. The Turstbadge® integration allows you to collect product reviews automatically. By showing the reviews on your product pages, your customers get trutworthy product information and are likely to buy more often.

The availability of each additional option depends on the origin and the main target market of the given online shop. Available options are presented within the offer.

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* Prices in advance excl. VAT. One-off application fee 99 EUR. Minimum contractual period: 12 months. All services will be performed in the language chosen for the respective target market.

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