Use the trustmark in all your communications!

Use all your channels to show people that they can buy with guaranteed security in your online shop and spread the Trusted Shops effect to all your contacts with customers: in advertising, with deliveries, in your after-sales service and PR.

Online and on TV

Increase the performance of your web banners, newsletters and emails by including the Trusted Shops Trustmark and text explaining what it means. Do you use TV advertising? Planet Sports, Zalando, Tirendo, Mirapodo and Onlineprinters all know why they should include the Trusted Shops Trustmark at the end of their adverts.You, too, can remind people how secure your shop is the first time they see your name and make sure they remember that your brand is trustworthy.

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Flyers, catalogues and adverts

Whether it’s on your printed adverts, inserts into packages, in your customer magazine or on your invoice, always print the Trusted Shops Trustmark in your advertising, along with text such as “shop safely online with buyer protection”.

That way you’re making your own trustworthiness stand out and can increase the number of visitors to your online shop.