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Money-back guarantee

This is where you will find frequently-asked questions about the topic of the money-back guarantee.

Responses from Trusted Shops

As an online retailer, what do I gain from the Trusted Shops guarantee?

With the money-back guarantee, online shoppers are protected against the loss of the purchase price payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning the goods. Shops always gain the guarantee along with the trustmark, as the combination of trust and security is one of the reasons for the strong effect Trusted Shops has on conversion.
A large number of online shops in Europe are awarded the Trusted Shops trustmark and thus offer their customers the money-back guarantee from Trusted Shops. A wide range of online buyers have thus already discovered that they can rely on these shops without any concerns. It ensures that potential customers can buy from shops with the Trusted Shops trustmark without any concerns. This increases their conversion rates and reduces the abandoned purchases in your shopping basket.

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How do I offer my customers the Trusted Shops guarantee in my shop?

The combination of trustmark and guarantee offers you as a retailer a unique trust element for your shop. In order to make offering the guarantee as simple as possible for you, only the Trustbadge® needs to be incorporated into your shop for integration. You will find everything already prepared here for various shop systems.
After integration, your customer is automatically offered the guarantee on your order confirmation page.

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Do I have to integrate the money-back guarantee into my shop?

The Trusted Shops guarantee is linked to the Trusted Shops trustmark. Certified Trusted Shops members who use the trustmark promise their customers with the Trusted Shops guarantee that they can purchase in their shop without any worries. The integration of the Trusted Shops guarantee for certified online shops is thus compulsory.
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What can I do in the event of technical problems with the integration of the money-back guarantee?

With the integration of the Trustbadge®, your customers are automatically offered the guarantee on your order confirmation page. In our integration centre, you can find integration advice for various shop systems as well as general advice for individual wishes. If you are unable to find a suitable answer there, please use our contact form.
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How long does the money-back guarantee apply?

As a rule, the guarantee term is 30 days and can be extended where required by the customer by a further 30 days. If you’re interested in a longer guarantee period, please just contact us via our contact form.
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Up to what value are the purchases of my customers protected?

With the money-back guarantee, customers can protect their purchase up to a value of 2500 euros.
If you’re interested in a higher guarantee amount, please just contact us via our contact form.

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How is a guarantee case dealt with?

It is always possible that an order may not go well and the money-back guarantee is claimed. As soon as a customer reports that he has not received his goods or submits a refund application for the purchase price, we clarify the matter with you and then grant the guarantee if applicable.
If you have any questions about a guarantee case, please simply get in touch with us via our contact form.

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What exactly is the guarantee framework?

We provide retailers with a guarantee framework at the beginning of their membership so that certified websites can offer the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee.

The guarantee framework reflects the total financial value of Trusted Shops money-back guarantees taken out by your customers that can be active at any one time. In other words, it is the maximum sum of the money-back guarantees that can be active.

A money-back guarantee is usually active for 30 days. Once a money-back guarantee has expired, it makes room for new money-back guarantees in the guarantee framework.

The following example explains the procedure:

One guarantee worth £50.00 is taken out every day on a website. The total value of the guarantees after 30 days is £1,500.00. The guarantee framework must at the least be able to cover this amount.

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Why do I even need a guarantee framework?

We setup a guarantee framework at the beginning of the membership so that we can offer the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee to your customers.

The Trusted Shops money-back guarantee is a key component in being awarded the Trustmark. After all, it is an important signal to your customers that ordering on your website is safe – in every respect.

Therefore, the guarantee framework is the first step in your audit and brings you a step closer to displaying the Trustmark.

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How is the guarantee framework determined?

We have a strong partner at our side to ensure that customers are protected if something goes wrong: our Trusted Shops money-back guarantee is covered by our credit insurer Atradius.

We determine your individual guarantee framework in cooperation with Atradius at the beginning of your membership. We focus primarily on the value of the annual online sales that you specified.

If we need more information from you, we will contact you.

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My guarantee framework has been used up. What do I do now?

First of all, the most important thing: your customers can continue to take out money-back guarantees!

In cooperation with Atradius, we will now take care of increasing the guarantee framework. If we should require further information from you for this, we will get in touch with you in due time.

Of course, all processes regarding the solvency check and credit monitoring are not visible to you customers. 

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Who should I contact if I have further questions about the money-back guarantee?

Our team will be happy to help you with questions and all details concerning our money-back guarantee: call us on +49 221 77536 371 or leave us a message.
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