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The Trusted Shops offer

This is where you will find frequently-asked questions about the Trusted Shops offer.

Responses from Trusted Shops

What does the Trusted Shops membership offer?

As a Trusted Shops member, you will get a
wide range of products to increase customer trust. With the combination of the trustmark, the money-back guarantee and customer ratings, over 20,000 online shops throughout Europe are already sustainably increasing their conversion rates by an average of 23.1% [ECC survey with 749 participants].

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What services are included in membership?

Upon membership conclusion, a domain (URL), i.e. an online shop, is automatically created for the membership. For this online shop, you get: The trustmark including certification, buyer protection for your customers, the customer review system for your shop and the Trusted Shops service for you and your customers. You can add as many domains as you like to your membership. The services and other additional options can be found listed in our overview of services.
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How much does the Trusted Shops membership cost?

The membership including a domain (URL) starts at a monthly price of €49 (depending on the annual sales from all domains included in the membership). Every additional domain that you add to the membership costs €39 a month. You can find a detailed list of the prices in our price table.
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When can I start using the Trusted Shops products?

As a new member, you can integrate the Trustbadge® immediately after the order and thus automatically collect reviews and display them in your online shop. After about 10 days, you will get your personal audit report, with all the advice you need in order to receive the trustmark. Once all prerequisites are fulfilled, the Trustbadge® will automatically displays the trustmark in the shop.
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Can I also use the customer ratings without having to apply for the trustmark?

If you have online shops for which you would like to exclusively use the customer reviews, you can select this by choosing ‘Only customer reviews’ in the order form under the item ‘Select from the following options’. In this case, you have access to all services in the customer review system – however, no certification will take place and no money-back guarantee will be available to your customers in this shop.
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Can I get the trustmark without the money-back guarantee?

No, the trustmark and buyer protection are always offered by Trusted Shops together. Your customers should know that they can buy absolutely safely in a shop displaying the trustmark. In order to keep this promise, we also offer the money-back guarantee for all shops that bear the trustmark. The combination of both products is one of the reasons for the strong effect Trusted Shops has on conversion.
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Can I also add domains and additional options to my membership subsequently?

Naturally, domains and additional options can be added in your ‘My Trusted Shops’ at any time. If you are already a member, you can log in here
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What do I pay the set-up fee for?

As a trust brand, the respectability and professionalism of our members is of higest priority. In order to guarantee this, we perform a thorough audit of new members. This includes, besides the actual certification, also the set-up of the guarantee facility and the verification of the product offer according to our elimination criteria. A one-off set-up fee of €99 is charged for this.
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Why is the membership fee based on the annual sales?

We would like our offer to be affordable for any online shop, as trustworthy online shops help retailers and consumers in equal measure. This is why the amount of the membership fee is determined according to annual sales. Shops that are still in their early stages pay the lowest membership sum at €49 per month. However, the more sales an online shop generates, the more it will benefit from the conversion boost generated by our products. This is why the shop will pay a membership fee accordingly to its sales.
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Can I also add mobile shops and apps to my membership?

Our products are developed in such a way that they can easily be integrated into mobile solutions. If you have chosen a ‘responsive’ shop solution, the use of our products is already included. If you have a separate app or mobile version of your shop (e.g., you can add these to your membership as additional shops and also use our products for these platforms.
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Do I have to create an additional shop for every language or every country?

Yes, as Trusted Shops has developed its own quality criteria to certify online shops. Besides the general applicable EU law, country-specific regulations, which for e.g. relate to consumer protection, are also part of quality the criteria. This is why we perform an individual audit for every language and for every market on which you sell, issue an individual certificate and provide all products in the selected language.
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How long is the contract period for the membership?

The contract period is 12 months and can be terminated up to 3 months before expiration. If the membership is not terminated in this period, it is extended by a further 12 months. If you have subsequently added domains or additional options to your membership, the termination period also applies to these.
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Can I try out the Trusted Shops offer before subscribing to it?

No, even if you collect reviews immediately, the conversion effects generally only kick in once a relevant number of reviews has been collected and once the trustmark is displayed in the shop. What’s more, high costs are incurred in the beginning through the audit and certification which unfortunately means that a short-term test is not possible.
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What payment methods do you offer?

If you pay monthly, you can pay by monthly deduction, PayPal or credit card. If you pay annually, you also have the option of paying per invoice.
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Who should I contact if I have further questions about the Trusted Shops offer?

Our team will be happy to help you with questions and all details concerning our offering: call us on +49 221 77536 371, leave us a message.
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