Our button for your review e-mails

The customised way to get new reviews

The simplest way to collect reviews is using the Trustbadge® and the Review Collector. With these easy-to-integrate tools, you can send your customers review e-mails conceived to ensure high conversion rates. Depending on your settings, up to ten percent of your orders will be reviewed as a result.   

However, if you prefer to send review e-mails from your own CRM system and you wish to customise their layout and text, then our review button is just what you need. A correct integration of this method of review collection is more time-consuming but will undoubtedly bear fruit in the form of new reviews.

Successful and legally-secure review collection

  • Place the review button so that it is highly-visible in the upper half of the e-mail. 
  • Only send your review e-mails after the customer has received the goods, the perfect point in time being two days after delivery.  
  • Avoid repeat sendings of review e-mails. Configure your Trustbadge® for the thank-you-for-ordering page so that e-mails are only sent for guarantees, not for reviews.   
  • Make sure that you always act in accordance with the legal framework. Get your customers' consent prior to sending review e-mails, by using for esample a checkbox in the ordering process. Do not forget to mention in your privacy policy that your customers will receive review e-mails on their e-mail addresses. 

A) This is how it works for shopreviews:

Create a review button for your e-mails by preparing a link to the review form and placing it over a graphic.

1. Prepare a link to the review form

This is what the structure of the review link looks like:

You received your personal TS ID when you registered with Trusted Shops. For our Demo-Shop, for example, it is XFD9974BBC558C007CD46431D056DF230.

The following parameters are also needed:

buyerEmail: e-mail address of the customer

shopOrderID: order number

The values of the parameters must be Base64 and URL-encoded and included in the link.

Example: the e-mail address after encoding is dGVzdEB0cnVzdGVkc2hvcHMuY29t, and the order number 4581 becomes NDU4MQ==.

The finished link looks like this:

By clicking on the link, the review form opens for the customer to fill out and return. The e-mail address and order number are already saved, making easier for your customers to provide a review. Moreover, safety of the review process is ensured in that reviews are always linked to a specific transaction.

2. Prepare the graphic for the review button

You can create your own graphic for the review button or download one here.

3. Place the link over the graphic

Now, place the graphic over the link in your customised review e-mail. By clicking on the button the review form opens.

B) This is how it works if you want to include product reviews

Do you want to collect product reviews by sending your own review requests individually? Via our interface (API), we make the review links available to you. If you wish to use this option, please contact us at