How to show your customer reviews

There are different ways to show your customer reviews in your online shop. It’s a good idea to combine our products in order to achieve the best results.



With the Trustbadge® integrated on your website, your latest customer review, star-rating, and average shop rating are displayed to every visitor. You are able to optimise the size and positioning of the Trustbadge® to fit your individual needs.

Show customer reviews with Trustbadge

Public Review Profile

Your customer reviews can be seen by potential customers on your publicly accessible Trusted Shops review profile. Not only is this profile Search Engine Optimised (SEO), but its responsive design also means it looks great on mobile and tablet devices. After collecting your first reviews, your review profile will be indexed by Google, without any effort from your side.

Public Profile for reviews

Review Sticker

Integrating the Review Sticker will enable you to display your review comments directly in the shop. Google loves user generated content. Customise the Review Sticker to your needs and make it fit perfectly into your website. Integrating the Review Sticker is easy: All you need to do is embedding a simple Javascript code.

How does it work?

Step 1: Select a suitable format

We offer three different versions of the Review Sticker formats:

If you wish to create a dedicated page in your shop to display customer reviews, the full-page sticker “vertical” is best for you. 

The Review Sticker version "skyscraper_horizontal" looks good in the footer of your website.

The Review Sticker version “skyscraper_vertical” is ideal for the sidebar of your website.

Embed code for review sticker

See an example in our demo shop.

Choose the amount of reviews displayed: Depending on the version, you can display up to ten customer reviews via the Review Sticker

Your website is individual. Pick a colour for your Review Sticker that fits optimally to the layout of your website.

Step 2: Customise your code

In the generated code below, you will find several commented parameters (number of reviews, border-color, introtext, colorClassName) that enable you to customise the Review Sticker to suit your individual needs.

<script type="text/javascript"> _tsRatingConfig = { tsid: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX', variant: 'skyscraper_horizontal', // valid values: 'skyscraper_vertical', 'skyscraper_horizontal', vertical theme: 'light', reviews: 10, // default = 10 borderColor: '#aabbcc', // optional - override the border colorclassName: 'test', // optional - override the whole sticker style with your own css class introtext: 'What our customers say about us:', // optional, not used in skyscraper variants }; var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT'), me = scripts[scripts.length - 1]; var _ts = document.createElement('SCRIPT'); _ts.type = 'text/javascript'; _ts.async = true; _ts.charset = 'utf-8'; _ts.src ='//'; me.parentNode.insertBefore(_ts, me); _tsRatingConfig.script = _ts; </script>

You can choose between three variants of the Review Sticker: “vertical”, “skyscraper_horizontal” and “skyscraper_vertical”. 

tsid: 'Your individual Trusted Shops ID'
variant: 'skyscraper_vertical', 'skyscraper_horizontal' or 'vertical'
reviews: 'number of reviews to show (1-10)'
introtext: "Insert individualized description where the retailer can describe why satisfied customers are very important."

Step 3: Embed code in your shop 

Once you have made your amendments, copy and paste the code as copy-text into the place in your shop where you want to display the Review Sticker.

You can put the Review Sticker on every page of your website; just feel free to make the best out of it. The Review Sticker “skyscraper_horizontal” is fully responsive, so it also works perfectly on any mobile device.

Clicking on the Review Sticker will lead you to your SEO-optimised Public review profile.

If you want to have the review sticker including rich snippets displayed discreetly on your website, as a simple text link to your customer review profile, please use this code.