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Top positive review

Nov 6, 2023
 Verified review
I am a Dutchman who lives in France and the UK. I have been ordering cheese from Gouda Cheese Shop for years. The cheese itself is always of top quality. Deliveries are fast (usually 3 working days) from Holland to France or the UK. The cheese is very well packed, vacuum and with cooling packs in polystyrene boxes. Enquiries are always dealt with promptly and politely. Highly recommended!
Adrie v.
Bath, UK

Top negative review

Oct 5, 2023
 Verified review
The GCS payment system is broken if you want to send the cheese to one address, but have your payment address be different. I just had a terrible experience because of this flaw. My cheese did arrive, but only by luck. After many attempts to get it corrected properly, my delivery address was still not correct! The cheese is great, but that payment system… not so good. To conclude, I will only order from GCS again when my delivery and payment address are identical.
Our mission is to enable digital trust. Find out how reviews work at Trusted Shops.

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Dec 27, 2023
 Verified review

Cheese was delicious but weight under stated weight

Cheese was delicious, good quality and delivery good to France. However, one cheese weighed 50gms less than the label stated, which was disappointing, mainly as a point of principle that in retail, particularly food, labels must state the quantity/weight you purchase. I did complain and sent photos and received a fast reply and apology, with small refund for missing cheese.... But for me, not good enough for online shopping..
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