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Nov 28, 2023
 Verified review

Thin hair? Tiny short baby hairs in front? You Need This Product!

Okay, this product works. I don't really know how but it does. My friend started using it and I noticed her hair was thicker so I asked about it. As we are close friends she told me she was using OASE. I saw the same friend about two months later and her hair looked even fuller (she dyes it pink so the wear and tear must be a lot on her hair). So, I purchased a 3 month set. They taste fine, not sweet, not sour. They don't get in your teeth when you chew them. They are simple to add to your routine when you take the rest of your vitamins. About two months into my 3 month supply, I noticed my little front baby hairs growing. Now, about 9 months later, I am able to tuck them behind my ears. No kidding. I bought the three-month supply for my 77-year-old mother. Her little baby hairs are now growing in too! It works!
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Nov 8, 2023
 Verified review
It matched my hair and nails very well, which meant the difference was visible. The benefit is that it helps stop hair loss and strengthens nails, thank God. This is the second pack I've used. I noticed the difference after two weeks. Tastes delicious, and the size is appropriate, good quality,
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Oct 31, 2023
 Verified review
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