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Allergy Test Australia offers comprehensive intolerance and allergy testing to all customers. Discover what foods and non-food items could be causing your intolerance symptoms. Don't live in pain and fear of how your body will react, get your own allergy test in this shop. For over 10 years, this shop have developed market-leading health tests that have helped people all over the world. Receive your results directly to your email and start making positive changes to your health with our easy to use home-to-lab tests. We provide you with a comprehensive explanation of our findings and support you through your wellness journey with our 24hr, 5 day-a-week, customer care team. The easy to use testing kit is mailed immediately on purchase and should reach you within 10 working days. The kit includes full instructions on how to complete the pin-prick and blood spot sample in a fast and pain-free manner. Simply send your sample back to the address enclosed, where it is sent to the labs for testing against the intolerance and allergen items.
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