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We, at Beppy, develop and manufacture innovative menstrual and intimate care products. Our "core" products are our Beppy Menstrual Cup and Beppy Soft+Comfort tampons. Gynaecologists developed the first Beppy tampons in the '90s for women who wanted to feel free during their period. The Beppy Soft+Comfort tampon is a soft tampon, which shapes itself completely to your body. So, it always fits, is breathable, and contains no toxic (chloride) substances. Beppy tampons are soft and have no string, so you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, or have sex without any inconvenience! The Beppy menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products. The unique feature of the Beppy Cup is its anti-leakage rim and handy removal loop. This reduces the risk of leakage and makes it easy to remove the cup. This ensures more confidence during daily activities. Experience freedom. Make sure you have a Beppy in your house! Hygiene and safety are important values for Beppy, which is why our production complies with medical quality guidelines. Beppy complies with the relevant ISO standards*, EDANA* and Vegan Lifestyle.
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