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Oct 20, 2022
Great transaction. Appreciated the notifications and timely delivery. The only complaint would be the packing. Upon receiving my package, the three bottles were loose and hitting each other. Fortunately none were damaged.
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May 13, 2022
Their online sales process is fraudulent and they coerce customers’ private and financial information. After I made a gift purchase for a friend for a very special occasion online, I called them on the following day for estimate on delivery date. At that time, they informed me that I appear to be a fraudulent customer and can not accept my credit card payment online with my electronic signature. They said it is because I made a large purchase by credit card and sending to an address that is not my billing address. This is correct, but they knew all of this before I purchased my item on their online website with my credit card. Then, they informed me they will “withhold and refuse to fulfill my order” until I send them more personal info (photos of front and back of credit card and drivers license) to them through unsecured internet method. On a separate note, they also said if I was uncomfortable sending all that personal info via the internet I may choose to “wire transfer from my bank to theirs.” In other words, share more personal financial information. Plus, I would not have the credit card protection just in case they never send me the item I paid for. This is completely unacceptable business practice. If they can’t fulfill my purchase online with the info provided, then don’t accept my credit card payment online and make me sign an e document too. They have a process in place where they collect a lot of personal and financial information, with no intention of fulfilling the purchase order or delivery as the transaction action was completed online. Had I known they require me to send more personal info (photos of front and back of credit card and drivers license or banking info) to them through unsecured internet method as a precondition to fulfilling my order, I would not have even made the purchase online at all. In summary, they have an online sales process in place where they collect a lot of personal and financial information, but with no intention of delivery based on their online purchase process. They inform you that they will not deliver the good (after they already charged your credit card) until you wire them more money or send them more personal info in unsecured method on the internet. They should be stopped from continuing this fraudulent business practice that does not deliver products sold online via the internet to customers. In addition, coerce customers to divulge and risk customers personal, private, and financial information.
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