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7 months ago
A great way for my toddler to learn some english words and play music etc without using a screen! She quickly figured out the basics like switching discs, and is now also starting to switch languages and volume. For now the most understandable discs are the ones with pictures matching sounds, which can be used quite universal to language (like the instruments and animals) and she enjoys the ones with songs. I am hoping for a Norwegian language version soon, so it could be even more of a learning device. So far its a fun way to expose her to other languages. What could be better: -I find it creepy that it will suddenly say «hiii» after a while, if left on and not used. (Fortunately I had read about this in a review beforehand. But still weird as it doesnt normally say hi and its a light, different voice.) -Sometimes the symbols are not sensitve to touch, and you need to press close to the edge to get a response. -After replacing disc, the symbols are sometimes «mixed up», as in you get a different respons for the same symbol, until you press it a few times and they seem to fall in place/connect
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4 months ago
We have a 1st gen TIMIO that we have loved for years. I bought the new stories as my daughter has listened to the other ones 100s of times. We installed the new SD card and it will work until you turn the unit off, or after a period of inactivity. Then it says to insert the new SD card. We then need to unscrew the back take it out, put it back in and try again. Sometimes we have to do that multiple times for it to work. Then if we want to play one of the old disks now we need to put in the old SD card. We essentially don't use it anymore, which is super unfortunate. My daughter really liked listening to stories before she fell asleep, but now it is just a source of frustration. .
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5 months ago
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