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Euro-Unit group is the legal successor of Euro-Unit d.o.o. company, which was established in 1990. Since 2007. it has grown into a group with sister companies based in this part of Europe as its members. The group's main activity is selling musical instruments and equipment, and in that segment it is a leading full range company in this part of Europe. The central pillars of Euro-Unit's business policy, such as quality, ISO certificates, fulfillment of warranty obligations, professional support and continuous education of employees are something upon which its founder and CEO, Mr Ivan Senčar, has insisted from the company's early days in 1990. Mostly recognized as Yamaha, Euro-Unit its general distributor for Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Steinberg, Line 6, Beyerdynamic, Hohner, Fender, Squier, Ivan'S, Slavonka, Lion Style, Bwing, Canorus, Ortega, PRS, K&M, Gator, Viscount, FBT, QSC, Henri Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Schilke, pBone, Shires, Gebr Alexander, Hans Hoyer, Melton, B&S, Fox, Bach, Conn, Selmer, Leblanc, Armstrong, Avanti, King, Červeny, Amati, Besson, Courtois, Keilwerth, Schreiber, Holton, Hetman, Vandoren, Rico, Glotin, BG, Rovner, Berp, Best Brass, Denis Wick, Strunal, Dick, Larsen, Bow Brand, Wittner, Ludwig, Musser, Adams, Majestic, Marimba One, Bergerault, Concorde, Tycoon, LP, Rythmes&sons, Mike Balter, Innovative, Malletech, Rohema, Paiste, Istanbul Mehmet, Vic Firth , Remo, Rotosound, La Bella, GHS, D'Addario, Pirastro, Savarez, Thomastik, XVive, Morley
Euro-Unit d.o.o.
Braće Graner 8
40000 Čakovec
Croatia (local name: Hrvatska)
Trade register
NEDELIŠĆE 070008701
Authorised representative
Ivan Senčar