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Gardenpalms Europe B.V.
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7887 TN Erica

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3 months ago
In the pakking, The pot plastic was broken and plant was out of pot. Some roots were damaged... I hope plant will survive...
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9 months ago
Unhappy, I thought it was shipping from the UK but it ships from Germany, which is of course fine, however shipping was too slow, perhaps due to the pandemic, the plants arrived in poor condition, I had to cut them back and I hope they will recover, I cannot use them for the client they were intended for!
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9 months ago
Difficult to give the stars. The palm was very dry, delivery took long. I'm allergic for hay, the long box was completely filled with hay and after unpacking the palm I had to clean up my room, can't vacuum clean hay.
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11 months ago
3 out of 6 plants were in poor shape. Two from the packeting and one was in poor shape in all. Will contact the shop for refund.
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1 year ago
Have ordered an acer going green .looks like a beautiful tree in picture .they sent the wrong tree a garnet about 6 inches in height with about 5 leaves on it poor poor poor quality have spent €€€€ whit trustedpalms in the past but never again as other plants iv ordered were delivered wrong aswell taught it might of been a one of thing but I was wrong.
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