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Aug 9, 2023
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Hello. Thank you for the opportunity to provide some feedback on my recent BobShop purchase. First, thank you for making these products available - for a very long time. I just saw an add you placed in a sports magazine nearly twenty years ago! Everything worked out very efficiently - and this is greatly appreciated. Particularly as this is an overseas order & delivery. My only real quibble regards the type of items I was focused on for my purchase: primarily the pro team jerseys. My thinking is to emphasize to your customer the very tight fit nature of nearly all of these modern (post year 2020) team kit items. Even the "fan versions" are quite tight for those of us who no longer have (if we ever did) the truly lean, no body fat at all look and shape of the full-time pro cyclist. In short, encourage your customers to truly consider ordering up a size or even two. Particularly of note is this modern look of the very narrow, very tight fit on the bicep area of the upper arm. If I had my druthers, these jerseys that customers could obtain would still have the dimensions of the kit from twenty years ago. The very narrow short sleeve look might be indeed the aero look, feel & function, but it's also not as practical for even quite fit hobby cyclists. It is not overstatement to say it truly pinches the upper arm unless one has a drumstick instead of a bit of muscle. A suggestion - for what it might be worth: See if there is any way to have these jerseys/kit in a more customer-still-friendly size/fit circa year 2000. A tip for you to provide a visual of the type jerseys that I think must surely have MUCH more customer appeal than these current year 2021-2023 ultra-tight jerseys: View the Chris Horner "Butterfly Effect" pro cycling reviews he does on his YouTube channel. Perhaps you already know them - they are quite popular. As you know, he was quite the long-riding pro in the UCI circuit with many different teams; he does not hold back when offering his insights. To my point: Mr. Horner often comments during these videos with a couple of jerseys he wore hanging in the background. Zum Beispiel: A colourful Davitamon one springs to mind from his recent Tour de France 2023 commentaries. (Now - that's a jersey!) Note the shape of these "older" jerseys (though it's truly not that long ago). These were more body-friendly for those of us who are indeed cyclists but don't look like the Frenchman Warren Barguil or the French DSM star climber Romain Bardet - with their truly scarecrow upper bodies. And probably so much more appealing to your average customers. In short, we're not the pros. We might like the colourful kit look, but we need something else - we just don't have the ultra-lean Chris Froome or Jonas Vingegaard torsos. We just don't - and yet even these fan-based jerseys from Santini, Vermarc, Craft, and Co. seem only fixated on that superior world top class body form . I know I've written too much here, but I do this from the perspective of appreciation for what you offer the cycle enthusiasts and race fans. Retro jerseys like the yellow/white/red Saunier Duval Team jersey, Saeco, ONCE, Rabobank, Euskatel, Banesto, Kelme Costa Blanca, Liquigas, and, yes, Gerolsteiner too would be perhaps far more of interest to potential customers. Specifically I don't mean the colours or old team names - though they are truly good. I mean the shape of the garments. I guess I'll put it that way: I'd much rather be considering a purchase of a Gerolsteiner jersey from approx. 2003-4 than these ones of the last five years - though I like the colours indeed of the Danish Quickstep jersey you just provided. Todays modern jerseys with no collar look frankly stupid and completely impractical - the collar keeps the neck from the burn of hot the sun when riding this time of the year, eh? Well, enough of my commentary & thoughts. Most of all thank you for being in business and helping people enjoy a wonderful pastime and hobby. Viele Gruessen nach Deutschland und Baden-Wurttemburg. You truly do live in a wonderful region of the country with the Rhein, Neckar, Speyer, Worms, Schwetzingen and good ole Hockenheim (so sad to see it no longer in use and shortened without those amazingly long and wonderful straightaways in the forest) so nearby. Vielen, vielen Dank. I trust you understand my English, as, no, I would not be able to place this here for you in proper Deutsch. Thank you for providing your cycling products - and making it easy to purchase via your website. MFG, Herr Ward

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Mar 26, 2024
 Verified review
I placed my order at the beginning of the month and have not received it yet. I reached out to BobShop is email for help but received no assistance
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Jul 25, 2023
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