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Top positive review

Jul 19, 2023
 Verified review
I'd like to express how impressed I am with MOHD's customer care, and Simona, in particular. Simona provided a remarkable customer care! She solved my issue in no time. Simona was extremely professional and very friendly. Her directions were very clear and very easy to understand what I gad to provide to her to solve my problem. Overall, it was a great experience. And my replacement item came yesterday, and it is in excellent condition. Thank you, Simona!!!! And thank you, MOHD!

Top negative review

Dec 3, 2022
 Verified review
I orderd 4 coffee cups. That’s how it was described: KU Kaffeetasse - Set 4 Stück SKU: 792958. 1 35,61 CHF I expected to get 4 cups, but I received only one. I tried to get in contact with them, but no reaction! What can I do? What can you do?
Our mission is to enable digital trust. Find out how reviews work at Trusted Shops.

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Oct 31, 2023
 Verified review
Fast and efficient customer support
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Oct 9, 2023
 Verified review

Helpful customer service

My order delayed 3weeks behind the estimated arrival day to the warehouse. Yet, costumer service, Angelo, was really helpful, kept me update with the status all along. It is much appreciated.
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Sep 27, 2023
 Verified review

Issue was solved professionally by Angelo

I have had a delayed shipment issue. Angelo at the customer service was helpful and competent. I was pleasantly surprised that my package arrived promptly after Angelo’s reply. MOHD would keep me as a customer because of Angelo
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May 19, 2023
 Verified review

Qualità e buon servizio

I prodotti e i prezzi sono sempre interessanti. I tempi di consegna sono variabili, ma il servizio clienti è sempre pronto, puntuale e gentile.
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Apr 22, 2023
 Verified review
We were happy with design service and color matching! Delivery times can be improved
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Jan 12, 2023
 Verified review

Finally arrived correct

The product took longer to arrive than advertised, but finally everything is correct. Thanks for your atention Mrs. Simona.
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Jan 9, 2023
 Verified review

Article of inferior quality, but good regulation of the defect and replacement

Article of inferior quality, was but the defect was remedied satisfactorily by a replacement delivery,
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Dec 13, 2022
 Verified review
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