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Oct 10, 2022
First every purchase of a laptop was an Acer Windows Vista and has never failed me. Still going strong, but now needs changing so to keep up with windows revisions.
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Jun 30, 2022
Purchased an Acer Aspire C27-1655 DQ.BGFEK.009 AIO PC but once received and set up noticed the fan was constantly on and making a lot of noise, regardless of the PC being idle without any programs installed. Moreover, the 2 built-in speakers were very underperforming as the sound was muffled. Also, the 27" screen lacked pixels and resolution. To top things up, despite being a brand new PC with Win11 I usually got 2 or 3 blue screen of death every time I booted it up (in comparison, my old i7 laptop from 2017 with all sorts of programs almost never triggers the fan and I only get a blue screen of death once a month on average). All in all this AIO PC, albeit very expensive looked like a very cheap PC in the 300-400 price range instead, defective and with very low quality all around. Complained to Acer Support who offered either a return/refund or a 200 partial refund. Argued that a 200 partial refund wouldn't make my experience better, having to cope with a defective low quality PC. I immediately regretted having purchased this PC and was feeling very angry and depressed. Acer Support then sent me a return label without any instructions. I then asked if I was to return the PC if their courier would come by and pick the parcel, to which then they replied I could take it to a collection point. This is a 13 KG PC and the nearest collection point from that courier is 15 km away from my house, and I have no car. Then days pass without any reply from Acer Support. I then send another message saying enough is enough with this terrible experience, asking to be contacted back by a Manager to sort things up. Acer Support simply replies back saying the issue has been escalated to Management. 5 days pass without no reply at all - just silence. I then have to call the courier myself and arrange the collection from my house, having returned the PC to Acer. Still no reply back from Acer. Only after a few days Acer Support reply back saying they have received the returned PC and then they refund me the money I spent. This was a very bad experience - both in terms of the defective low quality PC itself as well as the very bad Customer Service I received. I will never buy anything from Acer again in my life and will advise all my family and friends the same... it simply isn't worth it! :-(
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