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Apr 20, 2023
1 You are clear about when you ship and deliver and you met those dates within reasonable time. 2 My payment in S$ is fixed with no additional charges if I use Amex but you should know visa adds a 1% service fee to your price. 3 You have occasional “bonus” but it doesn’t work with what I buy. 4 there should be an easy search for single bottles that we can add to our main purchase to make it to free shipping, when we’re short by about S$100 or so.
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Feb 24, 2023
Compared to your US portal and France portal, you pale in comparison in terms of selection. Yes SG is a much small market however it is growing and i am sure you agree. I would suggest you link your French portal with SG portal and offer wider selection. Anyway the wines come from the same warehouse in France. Yes, i also know that there might be infringement of rights for some wines that have local representation here however i am sure with your experience you can easily sort it out. Clasquin is doing a great job with the delivery and i am very happy with them. I would also like to buy more from Millesima if you are able to provide storage. Not sure about the rest of your customers but i am sure not many have more than 3 wine fridge at home like i do. Thanks
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