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Top positive review

Aug 21, 2023
 Verified review
Better would be to respect the delivery time expectation. so that 3-10 days is not two or three weeks .

Top negative review

Dec 6, 2023
 Verified review
Customer care mostly absent, improve knowledge of digital payments, and relative installment. Reduce delivery cost absolutely. Price are good.
Our mission is to enable digital trust. Find out how reviews work at Trusted Shops.

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Jun 12, 2023
 Verified review
I have a prepaid order from you, done almost a month ago, but the delivery hasnt completed yet...
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Answer by EASY-surfshop.com
Jul 3, 2023
We apologize for the delay in completing the delivery of your prepaid order. I understand your frustration, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are actively working to resolve the issue with the O'neill warehouse. The issue was due to a backlog at our central warehouse, which caused a two-week delay. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Good Winds!
Jorge M.
Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 19, 2023
 Verified review
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Answer by EASY-surfshop.com
Oct 27, 2023
Thank you for your opinion, but: "Please cancel this order. I have placed a new one" Customer "Thank you for your information" Ewa - Customer service It seems like we received too few stars ;) Maybe you fell asleep while counting them, we understand... ;) We recommend ourselves for the future. EASY-surfshop Team