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ondilo.com/en/ - Personalized water care for pool and spa

Discover on Ondilo.com the ICO range of products for pools and spas. ICO monitors your pool water 24/7. It analyzes and anticipates water changes and sends you personalized recommendations on your mobile application: you get the right advice, with the right product at the right time. Your water always remains clear and healthy, of perfect quality. ICO benefits: Time saver : ICO offers simplest and most effective way to manage your water quality. Constantly measuring critical water parameters, ICO promotes healthier, cleaner water, to protect your equipment and provide best experience. Savings : Proposing personalized guidance for chemical dosing and best practices to save money, protect you and the environment. Control: Accessible from anywhere, anytime, ICO provides a convenient, easy way to keep an eye on your water quality at all times. Peace of mind: So that you spend more time enjoying your Pool and Spa ! ICO features : - Share : while you are away, shared your pool/spa with your family, your pool guy or guests/renters - Multipool: manage multiple pools or spas remotely - Water Index: a confidence index that allows you to check the quality of your water at a glance. ICO is a product of the Ondilo brand, distributed in 15 countries and available in 11 languages.
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