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Top positive review customer
Nov 30, 2022
 Verified review
Shipping services outside DE, in EU countries can be improved by choosing a good delivery service provider like DHL, not some small local courier or the Post Service. Once the parcel is out from your depot, the customer is on his own and at the hand of the local delivery courier from each country. Because the parcel is not delivered to the final customer by DHL. I think this would be a very good option, or maybe the best, that the parcel is transported and delivered to the final customer from start to finish by DHL in every country. I think this should solve the problem of the local couriers from each country. A very IMPPRTANT PROBLEM is that the phone number does not appear on the parcel itself, on the package so the courier can not contact the final customer and he does not come to the address to search for the customer. They do absolutely nothing to contact the customer if they do not have the phone number on the parcel. So we have to contact them at the center and call them and go to pick up the parcel personally because they do not bother to find the final customer if they do not have the phone number on the box. The problem is that the phone number of the customer does not appear on the label fom the box with the products to be delivered. So the courier can not contact the final customer and they do not bother to search the customer at the address. If they do not have phone number on the box they just leave and the customer has to contact them at the delivery center, which is in another city/town(energy, time, money, etc). All this can be solved by showing and displaying and writing down the customer phone number directly on the box label(parcel). It does not appear directly fron the sistem on the label. I had this problem every single time I have purchased something from your website. This is the reason why I gave a 4 star rating and not 5. Thank you. All the best.

Top negative review customer
Jan 30, 2023
 Verified review
one star ⭐ is to much already. firstly they did not place my phone no. on the parcel; i had to locate the parcel to drive over there and pay few bucks to get it, because was on the way back to bergfrende guys. 2ndly, the products were not properly displayed regarding size. In my case, i have purchased a cap which was kids size! the other produc was a Scott bike shorts, ad i have from some years now an old one, but this new one was way to large. I had unfortunately to pay money to get rid of bergfrende careless unpro operations they do! hopefully not with everybody; i have learn and ticket for to that was 9,95€uro. Apologies or discount No! no need for that. Disappointed -that is that period.

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