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KALANGO | brazilian instruments | english

KALANGO | brazilian instruments | english
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We are KALANGO! Being musicians ourselves, we have become more and more addicted to the world of African and Brazilian percussion instruments within the last 30 years. The beauty and diversity of the typical drums, bells and rattles we discovered on many of our trips to Africa and Brazil has downright spellbound us.

 In 2002, we decided to start KALANGO, an internet shop specialized in Brazilian percussion instruments. Our experience, gained over many years of travelling throughout Brazil, helped to make our dream come true. It has always been and still is of great importance to us, that we not only offer instruments from large established producers in our constantly growing assortment, but especially keep a space for small, creative, unknown workshops of authentic instruments, which we often discover whenever we are on the roads of Brazil. KALANGO is our passion, and as we are also musicians, our passion and identification with our products is the best guarantee that we´ll keep eyes and ears wide open to continue surprising you with new authentic intruments of Brazil´s rich, innovative and beautiful music culture.

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