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A Closer Look at Our Company The story of our company, Kunst & Ambiente, begins in the year 2004 with the launch of a small art gallery. Since then, the company has developed into Europe’s largest dealer of sculptures and art, and is now being run by six staff members. We have a permanent selection of more than 1,000 statues in stock and we keep on constantly adding new ones to our range of products. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for new motifs that we can offer you. This is why we also travel often. In order to find new inspirations and to keep an eye on the market, we also do not shy away from travelling far away. Vice versa, our exhibits also sometimes cover large distances to get to their new owners. We ship globally, for example to the US, Canada, Singapore or New Zealand. And with a bit of luck, you might also find some of our sculptures on Hawaii.Was Sie bei uns erwartet
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