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Gardenpalms Europe B.V.
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3 days ago
I have today received my palm. It has 2 branches. One is bend if not broken due to the packing, as the branch is almost 3 meters high and not 1,50 m; the other branch is brown, almost withered. Not exactly what I had hoped or payed for, and in no way a palm I can place in my office
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23 days ago
Immernoch nicht da lächerlich
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22 days ago
Schade, dass Sie es lächerlich finden, ohne Zahlung, keine Ware. Das wir lächerlich sind ist wohl fehl am Platz. Sie haben nicht bezahlt und vorher senden wir nicht. Eine freundliche Kontaktaufnahme per Mail wäre wünschenswert gewesen.
1 month ago
One of the two palmtrees I ordered was almost dead.
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1 month ago
Hello, we are sorry that the palmtree has not arrived properly. We tried to get in touch with you on the 18th. to solve this but we never received a reply. Could you try to get in touch with us?
3 months ago
My order MPS-150567 from the 10.12.2020 has not come and we are now on the 26/12:2020
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9 months ago
The fig tree arrived completely infested with the mosaic virus, and after 2 weeks it is now about to die. I hope the 2 palm trees will survive longer although some Palms arrived yellow already.
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10 months ago
I bought Avocado of the HASS cultivar. I received seedlings that were not grafted, so they are just seedgrown avocado from the supermarket, they cannot be HASS that has to be propagated by CUTTING or GRAFT. So these avocado are a SCAM. Mypalmshop refuses to pay for shipping them back and refunding me. Very unprofessional and disappointing.
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10 months ago
Packaging not robust enough - needs bubble wrap around pots which were smashed / crushed. Palms were not rooted and since the leaves have died back. It looks like they were recently dug out of the ground that's why! Would not have bought if that had been made clear.
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10 months ago
I received 8 trees crammed into a box,most where damaged and less than half the size advertised. I have tried phoneing, but no answer, I feel they thought they could take advantage of me being an international customer and gave me their worst stock crammed into a box,feel like they have stolen from me.
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