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In our Headquarters in Bad Ditzenbach on the Swabian Alps, we and our staff of approximately 450 employees develop and produce a range comprising over 900 articles, featuring various natural remedies, body care products and cosmetics. With our Sanct Bernhard Sport brand, the most comprehensive sport nutrition and care series, we have positioned ourselves in mass sports, competitive sports and top-class sports. Thanks to our unusual innovations, we have for years supported numerous competitive athletes in obtaining champion titles, podium places and personal best times both nationally and internationally. These sportspeople trust in our high quality standards, and profit from the intelligent composition and convincing compatibility. During all developments, which take place in close contact with selected professional athletes, the high demands of sportspeople represent the focus of our work. Our professional Sanct Bernhard Sport team is composed of sporty employees and trained nutritional specialists, whereby the products are based on years of practical experience as well as the latest scientific know-how gained. The practical, easily-implementable and discipline-specific advice makes it easy for sportspeople to care for their bodies expediently and in a targeted manner. You too can utilise our frequently awarded product diversity for activity, regeneration and body care as well as the extensively tested care recommendations.
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