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Euroflorist is Europe's #1 flower delivery service. Our goal is to help people feel closer to each other, no matter the geographical distance. On one hand, we are achieving this through the vividness of our beautiful flower creations. On the other hand, through close cooperation with local florists, who hand-tie the bouquet of your choice and personally deliver it directly to the recipient's doorstep. For more remote locations, we can rely on our partnership with dpd. The world-renowned parcel delivery service reaches every address in Austria within 2 working days. In addition to Austria, Euroflorist is also successfully established in Germany, the Benelux countries, France, UK and Ireland. But Europe's #1 flower delivery service celebrates its roots in Sweden. Together with Denmark and Norway, Scandinavia is still the largest market for Euroflorist. Thanks to this Europe-wide presence, it is possible for you as a customer to send your flower greeting not only throughout Austria, but throughout Europe!
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Flowers love u, we enjoy life: that's what Fluwel stands for. An international company with a love for beautiful, high quality flower bulbs. At Fluwel we combine knowledge with experience, improve tulips and daffodils, collect exceptional flower bulbs and carry out our own quality checks. That's what we call "Fluwel Quality". Fluwel – your professional partner for flower bulbs!


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Somos inspiradas por espaços completamente selvagens, pelo calor do fogo, pelo cheiro de lenha queimada, pelo silêncio. Existe em nós uma nostalgia de voltar às nossas raízes e a tudo o que é natural e puro. A nossa oferta é um convite de autoterapia através de rituais de fumo, perfume e infusões.