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Chemists & cosmetics

Chemists & cosmetics
A cerascreen oferece serviços personalizados: assistência médica preventiva, diagnóstico e conselhos de saúde que você pode obter de maneira rápida e fácil em sua casa. O cerascreen ajudará você a entender seu relatório de resultados com informações abrangentes e recomendações nutricionais, além dos suplementos certos. Desde o início deste ano, o cerascreen está disponível em 19 países. Nosso objetivo é disponibilizar facilmente tudo o que você precisa para obter calor de uma fonte.
Asha International has been founded so that as many people as possible can profit from special and high-quality products. Asha International manufactures and sells a select range of personal care, hygiene articles and para-medical devices. Advice, quality, immediate delivery and service have been determining the relationship with our customers for over 20 years. Some well known products from Asha International: Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampons, Body in Balance Massageoil, Day & Night Condoms and Beppy Condoms. Asha International is also distrubutor for global brands such as Durex (preferred supplier) and Reckitt Benckiser. Our company and our products compy with very strict international rules and requirements and you as a customer can be sure to buy a top quality product. Asha International complies to relevant ISO-, EDANA Standards and Vegan lifestyle. All condoms are CE certified.
cerascreen offers personalised heatlh: preventative health care, health diagnostics and health advice you can get quickly and easily right from your home. cerascreen will help you make sense of your results report with comprehensive information and nutrition recomendations, as well as the right supplements. Since the beginning of this year, cerascreen is now available in 19 countries. Our goal is to make everything you need to be heatlhy easily available from one source.
Condom Message produces personalized condoms for branding and campaigns. These unique promo condoms will have your customized designs. Condom Message is specialized in personalized condoms. Perfect for branding, marketing, advertising, merchandising and material for trade fairs. Suitable to reach a young public. Your advertisement printed on unique promotional material. ✓Reach a young public, between 14-44 years. ✓Low marketing costs. Economical prices. ✓100% customizable and unique for your brand. ✓Professional printing service.
Abhati Suisse steht für innovative Haut- und Haarpflege, in der Technologie und Tradition verschmelzen. Bewährte ayurvedische Schönheitsrituale werden an unsere heutigen Bedürfnisse angepasst. Die Öle, Cremes und Seifen wurden für Haar, Körper und Gesicht entwickelt. Sie reinigen, beruhigen und spenden Feuchtigkeit – im Einklang mit der Natur. Dabei verwöhnen sie mit ihrer reichhaltigen Konsistenz, ihren pflegenden Eigenschaften und ihrem dezenten und doch verführerischen Duft.
We, at Beppy, develop and manufacture innovative menstrual and intimate care products. Our "core" products are our Beppy Menstrual Cup and Beppy Soft+Comfort tampons. Gynaecologists developed the first Beppy tampons in the '90s for women who wanted to feel free during their period. The Beppy Soft+Comfort tampon is a soft tampon, which shapes itself completely to your body. So, it always fits, is breathable, and contains no toxic (chloride) substances. Beppy tampons are soft and have no string, so you can exercise, go to the sauna, swim, or have sex without any inconvenience! The Beppy menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products. The unique feature of the Beppy Cup is its anti-leakage rim and handy removal loop. This reduces the risk of leakage and makes it easy to remove the cup. This ensures more confidence during daily activities. Experience freedom. Make sure you have a Beppy in your house! Hygiene and safety are important values for Beppy, which is why our production complies with medical quality guidelines. Beppy complies with the relevant ISO standards*, EDANA* and Vegan Lifestyle.
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At Ladys World of Fashion it is important to us to offer our customers the best service and the latest trends. Always up-to-date and with the best advice, we want to make our customers happy. Online shopping should be fun and, above all, safe and pleasant. In addition to fashion, Ladys World of Fashion also offers cosmetics, jewelry and watches as well as shoes and accessories. Bei Ladys World of Fashion ist es uns ein Anliegen unseren Kunden den Besten Service und die neuesten Trends zu bieten. Immer aktuell und bestens beraten möchten wir unsere Kunden glücklich machen. Online Shopping soll Spaß machen und vor allem sicher und angenehme gestaltet werden. Neben Fashion bietet Ladys World of Fashion auch Kosmetik, Schmuck und Uhren sowie Schuhe und Accessoires.

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